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Preparing for retirement.. beyond finance

최근에 영어로된 제태크 블로그들을 몇가지 읽고 있다. 십대 미혼모에서 지금은 억대 연봉까지 오른 흑인 여성 같은 아주 존경스러운 사람도 있고, 나름대로 재미있고 유용한 정보도 많다.
I've been reading a few personal finance blogs lately. It's fun to read, useful information, and some very amazing stories.

그런데 특히 미국쪽 싸이트를 보다보면, 어떻게든 빨리 retire해서 모아 놓은 돈으로 사는게 당연한 목표처럼 느껴진다는 거다.
But I feel like many times early retirement is some kind of agreed goal of everyone. I see comments like "...  will be able to retire in ** years!".

아니 그럼 그 다음엔 뭘할꺼냐는 말이다. 짤리는게 아니고 제발로 회사를 나가면 환상적인 삶이 그냥 펼쳐지게 되어있단 말이냐고.
So what are you going to do with that time? I might be missing something, but I haven't seen any discussions about that. Out of 9-5 job = awesome life?

문득 2년 전쯤에 갈무리해둔 이윤기의 수필이 생각이 났다.
Then I remembered this article.

"20대, 30대, 40대, 50대를 살고 있는 연하의 친구들을 위해 이 글을 쓴다. 마음에 사무치는 바가 있기를 간절히 바라면서 쓴다. 사무치는 바가 있다면 내 연하의 친구들이 맞을 40년, 30년, 20년, 10년 뒤의 겨울은 덜 추울 것이다. 나는 자신 있게 말할 수 있다."
"I am writing this for my younger friends in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, with my sincere hope to touch their hearts. If my effort is successful, my younger friends will have warmer winters after 40, 30, 20 and 10 years. I can guarantee."

Sounds like the usual story.
여기까지는 많이 듣던 말 같다.

"대숲이 내게 가르쳐주었다."
"Bamboo forest has taught me." hmm...

전문 읽기 (Full text in Korean)


For those who can't read Korean, it's about how he planted a bamboo tree outside of his window just four years ago, and now it grow up to a small forest of 20 bamboo trees. He's thinking what would have happend if he planted this one bamboo tree 30 years ago. And he's not talking about money. About preparing "contents for the 2nd life (a rough translation)", searching for another (or true) passion - I said "or true", because I know quite a few, and hope to be one, who have true passion for their 1st life job.

If "I don't have enough money to invest" is an excuse, "I don't have enough time to develop a hobby/read/etc." might be an excuse too.
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