2007.11.20 12:06

Prospectus Defense and Berliner Philharmoniker

I passed my prospectus defense with condition yesterday. I have to make some changes, mainly cutting stuff out from my proposal and have to get back to the committee, but the main rush is over now. Phew. :)

I decided to celebrate it by standing outside of BSO hall for 4 hours to get student rush tickets for one night performance of Mahler's "Das Lied von der Erde(Song of the Earth)" by Berliner Philharmoniker with Simon Rattle,  Ben Heppner and Thomas Quasthoff. For me this piece is somewhat challenging, but I found if very beautiful. There was an amazing moment of silence after the last echo of "Ewig... ewig... (Forever... forever...)" had faded away, before the long applause.

Also, I had a great time at BSO when they played Mahler's 1st Symphony "Titan" last Thursday. This is the most familiar piece of Mahler for me. Jame Levine's style was different from what I was used to by listening to Bernstein's recording with Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam - slow passages were much slower. Bass solo at the 3rd movement was impressive to hear at a live performance - I had hard time finding him from 2nd balcony, but it was fun to see the eight horns standing up for the finale from up there.
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