2008.03.30 19:12


I had my first committee meeting after my prospectus defense in last November. More changes in the aims, but it's helpful to have committee meetings often. Since then, I had a chance to take it easy for while. Maybe I shouldn't be, but oh well. :)

BSO: Schubert and Bolcom
It was great to hear Thomas Quasthoff once again. Bolcom's world premiere was .. "different". We thought it was a touture, actually. What a contrast.

2001: Space odyssey
I finally finished this movie after a year.

Jhumpa Lahiri read "Hell-Heaven" from her new book coming out on Apr 1.
I heard her reading this short story. It was the fisrt time I've been to an author's book reading.

Native Speaker by Chang-rae Lee
I finished reading Native Speaker but re-reading it now. I started a more detailed post about the book but haven't finished. It's a well written book, enjoyed it, but hard to say I "like" it. There were some disturbing parts, many I could deeply relate to, as well. "False speaker of language".

BSO: Schumann and Shostakovich
We had a great seat in the center of 1st bacony. One of the best seats I've got at BSO with college card. Schumann was great and I also enjoyed the Shostakovich very much this time.

Lust, Caution
Had a few people over at my place to watch it. All of us heard so much comments about the "NC-17" content, but it wasn't as bad(?) as we thought. The movie was very.. pretty and romantic.. more of an imaginary version of Shanhai in 1940's. Most of you know that I am a huge period movie fan so I enjoyed it.

BSO: Bartok and Schubert
My seat was at the very back of the orchestra level, but the sound wasn't as bad as I expected. Bartok was beautiful, especially the 2nd movement. Schubert was okay, but I was distracted with other things.
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