2008.11.18 11:11

'Free Food for Millionaires' and more...

Blogging has been slow, while mom was visiting and I was getting out of city on weekends to enjoy the New England fall. Walden pond, Mt. Monadnock, and World's End were all nice. And I registered for next semester.


I just finished reading "Free Food for Millionaires" by Min Jin Lee. I read all three of Chang-rae Lee's novels earlier this year and came across with another Korean-American Yale graduate writer. MJ's style is not as manicured as CR and I couldn't relate too much to the ungrateful shopaholic heroine "Casey Han" but I was still absorbed in the book. I rushed through the second half last night, just to know what happens and be able to put it away till next weekend, telling myself that scanning 200 pages of a novel somehow may have helped my English reading skills.

What's up with these KA Yalies with unlikable characters?
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