2008.12.22 13:25

Holiday tradition - Hallelujah from Handel's Messiah

I've been going to Handel and Haydn Society's Messiah performance every year since 2004 except this year. The schedule just didn't work out. Instead, I was listening to it at my office.

I used to go to church every Sunday till high school. We went to a small, rather quiet Presbyterian church (than most Korean churches), which had a small, humble and not-so-professional choir.

Maybe not every year, but they used to perform Hallelujah, translated into Korean and accompanied by piano, after rehearsing for weeks, for the Christmas service. I suddenly wanted to hear this song close to their modest performance, and found something similar online. Even though I am not religious now, it's emotional to listen to something that brings back holiday memories from childhood.

I warned you that my church choir was not so professional. ;) I actually love how they struggle so much at "King of Kings and Lord of Lords (왕의 왕, 또 주의 주)".
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2008.12.11 11:40

Eastern lifestyle

From 千字文: thousand character poem

索居閒處 沈默寂寥 求古尋論 散慮逍遙

삭거한처 침묵적료 구고심론 산려소요

한가롭게 살며 조용히 거처하고, 말 없는 가운데 고요히 지낸다.
옛것을 구하여 찾아 논하며, 잡된 생각을 흩어버리고 유유자적한다.

Another poem I remember from middle school Chinese class.
松下問童子 言師採藥去 只在此山中 雲深不知處
송하문동자 언사채약거 지재차산중 운심부지처



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