2007.09.17 00:20

The Yoga of Dying

Savasana-Corpse pose

Savasana-Corpse pose

I bought Sep-Oct issue of Yoga+ Magazine this weekend. It was an impulse purchase but I'm enjoying reading it more than Iyengar's book.

Tonight I was reading it page by page, my laptop closed at that time (important!), and saw a small and intriguing ad. "YOGA OF DYING". I decided to check out their webpage. www.savasanaexperience.com

The idea is practiciing and preparing the dying process, to be able to let go during the process death. It got me thinking.. We all die someday.. I already have seen death of people near my age.. Being prepared may not be of use at all in some cases.. It sounds something very unrealistic and far from now like when I think about retirement etc., but it makes sense to be prepared as well.

Memento Mori (Remember that you will die).
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