2007.10.21 20:45

Walden Pond

일요일 아침 일찍 깨서 빈둥대다 갑자기 생각이 들어서 11시 20분차를 놓치지 않기 위해 택시를 잡아타고 North Station으로 달려갔습니다.
It was very spontaneous. I picked up my stuff and went to North Station to catch 11:20AM train to Concord.

북역 (North Station) 입니다. 여기서 Concord 역까지는 느림보 통근열차로 42분 걸립니다. MBTA commuter rail은 느리게 가도 시간은 (미쿡스럽지 않게) 잘 지킵니다.
North Station. It takes 42 minutes from North Station to Concord Station. MBTA commuter rail is slow but usually on time.

Concord 역에 내려서 일단 Thoreau 길을 따라 가다가..
I liked the direction. You first follow Thoreau Street...

Walden 길에서 오른쪽으로 꺽어들어갑니다.
Then, turn right on Walden St.

기차에서 내린지 25분 정도 걸었나? 도착했습니다. 주차장이 있는 입구와 반대편인 이쪽은 상대적으로 조용하더군요.
After 25 min walk, I was there. This side of the park was relatively quiet.

Walden Pond 전경

이제 서서히 단풍이 들어가는 중입니다.
Leaves are turning colors.

제가 타고 온 기차길입니다.
Railway I came on.

앉아서 책 좀 읽는 척 하다가.. ^^ (Walden은 아닙니다.)
I sat around and read for a while. (Not Walden. :-) )

Thoreau의 오두막터입니다.
This is where Thoreau's house was.
DSCN2774 DSCN2776

호수 둘레를 따라 나 있는 산책로.
Trail around the pond.

요즘의 월든은 소로우 시대의 조용함과는 거리가 멉니다. 주립 공원의 일부라 인원제한을 하기도 하지만, 특히 오늘은 Native American Summer (어떤 교수가 인디언 썸머를 이렇게 장난스럽게 부르더군요) 날씨라 주차장 가까운 쪽은 이렇게 북적대더군요.
Now Walden is far from solitude of Thoreau's time, especially a "Native Indian Summer" day like today.

이건 복원한 오두막. 실제 사이즈랍니다.
Replica of the house.


돌아오는 길의 단풍.
The way home.

Concord 역입니다.
Concord Station.
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2007.07.29 23:46

Yosemite National Park


After the Tahoe Conference, I went to Yosemite National Park with my old friend and outdoors buddy Kahye and we hiked Half Dome together. We got up at 5am and started walking around 7-7:30am - it took us long because we couldn't stay in Yosemite Village. From the times of the photos taken, we arrived at

Vernal Falls bridge at 8am
the top of Nevada Falls bridge at 9:30am
Quarter Dome stairs at 11:30am
Half Dome cables at 12:15pm - no traffic!
and finally at the top of Half Dome at 12:45pm

We took a long break at the top, and the way back did not take any shorter. In total it took 11 hours for the round trip. As written in the guide book, it was a very strenuous hike, but it was a lot of fun and energizing in some way. For future trips, this my summary/evaluation.

Good Calls
Preparing a good meal: salty sausages, buns, cucumbers and carrots, dried fruits and fruit bars, peanut butter crunch bars, small packs of fruit juice
Getting up early
Packing everything from the campsite and checking in in a hotel on the second day: it was dark and our campsite was too far. In any case, I think packing everything was a good idea, because it gave us more flexibility.
Vibram sole boots, gloves and wide brim hat
and of course, being in shape!

Bad Calls
Not having enough water and water treating tools
Not putting enough sunscreen later in the day: I got sunburn.
Not having topomap
Cotton tank top: I knew it wasn't a good idea but couldn't get everything for this trip

Lastly, I want to thank Kahye for being a wonderful travel buddy from San Juan Mountains to Californian deserts and high Sierras. I look forward to our next trip. :)

사용자 삽입 이미지

Aerial view of Half Dome. The thin white strip on the front side of the picture is the "cables route". You can also see the famous "diving board".

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