2008.03.30 19:12


I had my first committee meeting after my prospectus defense in last November. More changes in the aims, but it's helpful to have committee meetings often. Since then, I had a chance to take it easy for while. Maybe I shouldn't be, but oh well. :)

BSO: Schubert and Bolcom
It was great to hear Thomas Quasthoff once again. Bolcom's world premiere was .. "different". We thought it was a touture, actually. What a contrast.

2001: Space odyssey
I finally finished this movie after a year.

Jhumpa Lahiri read "Hell-Heaven" from her new book coming out on Apr 1.
I heard her reading this short story. It was the fisrt time I've been to an author's book reading.

Native Speaker by Chang-rae Lee
I finished reading Native Speaker but re-reading it now. I started a more detailed post about the book but haven't finished. It's a well written book, enjoyed it, but hard to say I "like" it. There were some disturbing parts, many I could deeply relate to, as well. "False speaker of language".

BSO: Schumann and Shostakovich
We had a great seat in the center of 1st bacony. One of the best seats I've got at BSO with college card. Schumann was great and I also enjoyed the Shostakovich very much this time.

Lust, Caution
Had a few people over at my place to watch it. All of us heard so much comments about the "NC-17" content, but it wasn't as bad(?) as we thought. The movie was very.. pretty and romantic.. more of an imaginary version of Shanhai in 1940's. Most of you know that I am a huge period movie fan so I enjoyed it.

BSO: Bartok and Schubert
My seat was at the very back of the orchestra level, but the sound wasn't as bad as I expected. Bartok was beautiful, especially the 2nd movement. Schubert was okay, but I was distracted with other things.
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2008.01.18 16:09

Souvenir de Florence

Ipod Shuffle과 함께 주문한 CD가 도착했다. 흔히 <플로렌스의 추억>이라고 번역되는 6중주곡.

Souvenir: something that is bought, kept or given as a reminder of a place, person, occasion, etc; a memento

라는 영영사전의 뜻풀이를 국어로 한마디로 번역하기는 어렵다. <플로렌스의 기념품>도 좀 이상하잖아?

예전에 집에 Comcast box가 있었을때 화면없이 음악만 나오는 채널 중에 classic 채널에서 우연히 듣고 기억해뒀던 곡인데 이번 겨울에 대구에서 다시 몇번 찾아듣고는 하나 장만하기로 생각했다.

Ipod은 역시나 클래식 음질은 뭔가 부족하다만, 씨디피에 그 이어폰을 써서 들어보니 따라온 하얀 이어폰의 한계인 것 같기도 하다. 그럼 이번엔 이어폰 업그레이드를 해야 하나? 원래 생각은 출퇴근길 podcast 듣기용이었으니까 일단 써보고.

이거랑 Jose Gonzalez 2집이 같이 왔는데 학교 컴터 씨디롬이 내 CD 하나를 뱃속에 고이 모시고 돌아가시는 바람에 ipod에 옮기지도 못하고 CD는 여전히 씨디피로 듣고 있다. 윈도를 한번 밀어야겠다는 생각을 하고 있는데 CD-rom이 사망 상태니까 것도 못하고. 학교 컴터야 AS보내면 되니까 내 게으름의 소치다만.
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2007.11.20 12:06

Prospectus Defense and Berliner Philharmoniker

I passed my prospectus defense with condition yesterday. I have to make some changes, mainly cutting stuff out from my proposal and have to get back to the committee, but the main rush is over now. Phew. :)

I decided to celebrate it by standing outside of BSO hall for 4 hours to get student rush tickets for one night performance of Mahler's "Das Lied von der Erde(Song of the Earth)" by Berliner Philharmoniker with Simon Rattle,  Ben Heppner and Thomas Quasthoff. For me this piece is somewhat challenging, but I found if very beautiful. There was an amazing moment of silence after the last echo of "Ewig... ewig... (Forever... forever...)" had faded away, before the long applause.

Also, I had a great time at BSO when they played Mahler's 1st Symphony "Titan" last Thursday. This is the most familiar piece of Mahler for me. Jame Levine's style was different from what I was used to by listening to Bernstein's recording with Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam - slow passages were much slower. Bass solo at the 3rd movement was impressive to hear at a live performance - I had hard time finding him from 2nd balcony, but it was fun to see the eight horns standing up for the finale from up there.
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2007.09.24 22:27


사용자 삽입 이미지
I started my 2007-2008 cultural season with a nice modern-touched opera-play Figaro at ART.
지난 주말 ART에서 Figaro로 이번 공연 시즌을 시작했다.

I was never a big fan of Mozart's operas; in fact, only Mozart I really listened were mass music. One reason I never got into Mozart operas is that it's just impossible to follow the story by only listening to CDs. I guess it's more correct to say that I'm not a big fan of Opera Buffa. But I am getting more interested to earlier music than the ones I used to like.
사실 난 미사 음악을 제외하고는 모짜르트를 좋아한 적이 없다. 정확히 말하자면 오페라 부파를 좋아하지 않는거겠지만, 정신없이 등장인물 많고 산만한 모짜르트 오페라는 음악만 들어서는 내용을 알기도 어려워서 유명한 아리아 말고는 제대로 들어본 적이 없다.

So, I finally learned what it was about, although I already own a legendary recording of Le nozze di Figaro. I won't even start talking about the story, because even after watching it, it just doesn't make sense. Just a silly story told by beautiful arias. Maybe the important thing is making mockery of the nobles?
그래서 이미 에리히 클라이버의 피가로의 결혼을 가지고 있었음에도 이번에 드디어 대략 어떤 이야기인지를 배웠다. 대강 추린다는건 불가능한것 같아서 줄거리는 쓰지 않겠다. 사실 별 의미도 없는것 같고. 하인이 귀족을 조롱한다는 주제 정도?

ART's Figaro, not Le nozze di Figaro, started like a play, set in French revolution, old Figaro and Count remembering their past. I thought it was going to be mostly play with a few songs in when the first aria "Cinque, dieci, venti, trenta (Five, ten, twenty, thirty)" was cut short, but they resumed the first aria soon and pretty much played the whole opera. I like the simple stage and the use of a screen to tell the change of place on the curtainless stage and also for close-ups.
피가로의 결혼이 아닌 ART 버전의 피가로는 피가로의 결혼에서 16년후 프랑스 혁명기가 배경이다. 늙은 백작과 피가로는 젊은 날을 회상한다. 둘의 말장난으로 시작해서 첫 아리아가 환청처럼 울리다가 끊겼을때, 나는 잠시 남은 시간이 대부분 연극적으로 진행될거라 예상했다. 하지만 수잔나의 환영이 등장하면서 노래는 이어졌고 이후는 대체로 원작을 따라 진행되었다.

I learned about this show from a postcard sent to me. It's not surprising that I used to get those flyers all the time to my old address; I subsribed BSO, ABT/Met Opera, Handel and Haydn Society and made contributions to all the these companies at least once. But I just moved in July, and didn't give my new address to BSO or H&H or anything. HOW DID THEY KNOW MY NEW ADDRESS? Well, they successfully sold three student rush tickets after all.
황당한 건 이 공연에 대해서 내 이름으로 날아온 엽서를 통해서 알게 되었다는 거다. 전 주소로 subscrition을 한 적이야 많으니 이해가 되지만 어떻게 새 주소를 알고 광고지를 보낸건지는 알다가도 모를 일이다만 학생석 3장을 팔았으니 성공적인 마케팅이었다고 할수 있다. 궁금하다, 어떻게 내가 이사한걸 알았을지.

BSO college card offers a great selection of Thursday night concerts this year. Looking forward to it.
올해 BSO 시즌도 기대할 만한 공연이 많다...
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2007.04.27 09:36

Rostropovich Dies at 80

Mstislav Rostropovich has died, aged 80

Cellist and conductor Mstislav Rostropovich, one of the 20th century’s most celebrated musicians, has died aged 80 in a Moscow hospital. His recordings will stand as milestones of the catalogue for their beauty, technical proficiency and humanity. ...

마침 어제 iTunes로 가지고 있는 클래식 mp3들을 정리하다가 로스트로포비치의 브람스 첼로 소나타 연주를 들었더랬다. 특별히 좋아하거나 잘 알고 있는 연주자는 아니지만 우연이라면 우연.

iPod를 살 것인가 말 것인가 계속 연구 중이다. 정리하다 보니까 예전에 왕창 받아놓고 반도 안들은 클래식 mp3들이 있는데 (브람스 실내악 전곡, 말러, 베토벤 교향곡 전곡, 모짜르트 미사 전곡 etc.) mp3p가 생기지 않는 이상 컴퓨터로는 안 들을 것 같다는 생각도 든다. 하긴 백업으로 구워놓은 CD를 전축에 넣어서 듣는 방법도 있긴 하다.

주변 사람들꺼를 빌려서 들어봐서 역시 음질이 안 좋긴 하던데 번들로 따라오는 하얀 이어폰 탓인지 원래 iPod에서 음질은 기대할 수 없는 건지 아직은 판단이 잘 안선다. 컴퓨터에 헤드폰을 연결해서 듣는거나 전축으로 mp3를 들어도 그 정도로 나쁘지는 않았는데. 찾아보는 거도 재미니까 당분간 더 생각해 볼 예정.
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2007.01.25 22:51

ACO Spring Concert

I am really excited about our Spring concert program. We are playing..

Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune (Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun) by Debussy
Berceuse (Lullaby) and Finale from The Firebird (1919 Suite) by Stravinsky
Coriolan Overture by Beethoven

Debussy is hard but we made a lot of progress tonight.

사용자 삽입 이미지

Nijinsky as the faun, photographs by Adolf de Meyer

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